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May 6, 2013 10:00am EDT
should remember what does not change. 68 years ago, following the death of franklin roosevelt, harry truman became president. he was thought to be a petty politician, not very smart, and likely to fail. he had been vice president for less than two months and done little to prepare for its new for job. and yet he is remembered now was one of our most effective presidents, so effective that a prestigious national security project there is his name. the reason is that harry truman understood and reflected what is best about america. he was optimistic about the prospects for human progress, but conscious of the perils posed by weakness and fear. for allies and friends. it was exempt from the rules that apply to others. america was the champion of weberty, law, and justice for admired president truman because he dared to build greatly and because what he built was made to last. to honor his legacy, we must strive to do the same. to that end, i pledge my own best efforts. thank you very much. that. [applause] >> ok, we are ready for questions as long as you identify yourself. >> [inaudible
May 4, 2013 6:00am EDT
several weeks ago i was proud to stand with my senators rand paul and short letter nd a o harry reed that said we will filibuster any legislation that threatens the right to keep and arms. and what we saw happen in the incredible.ks was the american people got engaged. in this room men began speaking out, began began going ngton, on line, facebook, twitter and saying go after the violent criminals, come down on them ike a ton of bricks, but protect the constitutional law abiding americans. to protect he fate our second amendment there was whone who worked harder and i was more honored to be side by side with than your senior senator, lindsey graham. [applause] >> as a result of the leadership of lindsey graham and tim scott and countless others, and as a of each of you speaking out and the american people , whenheard, two weeks ago president obama's gun control voted on every proposal this would undermine our right to keep and bear arms in the united senate. [applause] >> we should be defending the amendments ifth against an administration that on its es no limits powers. to stand si
May 10, 2013 10:30pm EDT
care what president you want to talk about -- ronald reagan, harry truman, dwight eisenhower. moral courage is sapped by what i would call political reality. it is sapped by clinical opposition and the caliber and brouhaha nature of that opposition. what happens when you confront a series like this, even though you are in your second term, have been reelected, even though you do not have political concerns for yourself, you do have concerns for others. why do you think my party, the republican party, is still going on about benghazi? it has nothing to do with their affection for the incident or their desire to find the truth. it has everything to do with hillary clinton so she will not be a candidate or give them worry in the next presidential election. what about elections in the congress with regard to the house and the senate? they are up there, too, so the president has to concern himself with all these things. i come back to my original point very seldom in the post-world war ii national security state do we find a president with the moral courage to go against essentially all
May 6, 2013 10:30pm EDT
very much interacted with them. there was one named henry harris who had a lot of thatren -- she suggested he start buying washington real estate. he died a wealthy man. she forced him to put part of his salary into that. jerry smith was another favorite of hers, of the members of the staff, and she ran the whole thing. with the help of the doorman. -- doormen. i think that is likely remark, the way the military was organized. host: she found the white house and a state of disrepair. bill, who studies the white house, has a bit of a different view, but you and i read about the fact that they were infrastructure problems and she tackled this and did great refurbishment of this. what do you know if it? guest: i think a lot of it was the perception she wanted to present to the public. , as was the nation's home well as their home. they were only temporary residence -- residents. she was concerned in some ways, the fact that she was from the west, as she called it, which missouri was at the time -- that she did not have the social acumen that many of the eastern families would've exp
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)